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Welcome To Neopets Rare Item Codes!

Are you looking for free rare item codes for neopets? Well that's what this site is all about. You're probably wondering, is there really a way to get free Neopets items? The answer is yeah, there is! Sometimes people give away their neopets code online because they aren't interested in using them themselves. We collect these numbers and also give away rare Neopets item codes of our own.

What's the catch?
You gotta be a toolbar user in order to view the code page. You will be asked to install the toolbar on the next page (Which is free and you can uninstall it anytime). The second you finish, you have access to the code section!

What kind of items do you have?
Most are 10 digit rare neopets item codes. We don't know what each code will be for, it's a mystery even for us!

What are you waiting for? Get your own code now!

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